Community Policing

Community Policing is a cooperative effort between the Charlton Police Department, individual residents, neighborhood groups, the schools, and local government. The goal of this program is to form a cohesive community group whose purpose is to promote communication and encourage community involvement as a means of identifying potential problems within the community and formulating a plan to solve them.

For this program to be successful, a strong element of mutual trust must be established between the community and the Charlton Police Department. Bike and Watercraft Patrols, Charlton Explorers, and Citizens Academy programs, police participation and sponsorship of civic events, fingerprinting programs and bicycle safety courses provided by the Charlton Police Department foster trust by allowing community members to meet and interact with local police officers.

Community Policing is not a short term program. It is a long-term process that requires continuous active involvement by everyone in Charlton. The benefits of a successful Community Policing program include reducing crime, increasing the effectiveness of the police department, and uniting the community towards the common goal of creating a safe environment for children, adults, and seniors throughout Charlton.

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